Counterspace* Consulting

is a career and leadership firm focused on developing and facilitating transformative experiences for my clients. I create professional development and leadership opportunities grounded in social science research and guided by core values of equity, empathy, growth and curiosity.

I ASSESS organizational culture and processes, DESIGN custom leadership and equity strategies and CONSULT on strategy implementation, adaptation and sustainability. I DEVELOP and DELIVER interactive workshops, programs and coaching based on a large body of social science research to support C-level executives, leaders, managers and employees at all levels in weaving equity and curiosity throughout their work.

I BELIEVE that organizations excel and individuals thrive in a culture that values and embodies community, equity and engagement.

Contact:   @chornerdevine


Counterspace* – noun. an environment that promotes well-being and allows individuals to be their whole selves in the face of challenging or hostile landscapes (Solorzano 1998Solorzano, Ceja, & Yosso 2000Johnson et al. 2011Case and Hunter 2012)